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We proudly support:

cancer research, breast cancer prevention, women's health initiatives, research into depression, their causes and treatment options, using natural therapies as a first rather than last choice if and when available

We welcome people from all walks of life regardless of their colour, race, gender, size, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and practices, financial status, political persuasion.

The above statement is on our website for years. Yet, we still get asked questions. So here it is again:
Yes, we welcome people with disabilities and those who practice and enjoy alternative lifestyles.

We are non-judgemental and will endeavour to provide you with the very best service there is.

We promote and we are passionate about:

eating and living healthy, healthy mind heathy body concept, body-mind-spirit connection, providing the best service we possibly can, using natural therapies as a viable treatment option, human rights, equal opportunities, zero tolerance for any kind of abuse, the punishment to fit the crime, animal rescues and shelters
299 Esplanade
Mount Martha VIC 3934

If Mt Martha is too far for you to travel we can visit you in your home, office, hotel, etc.

Andrew also travels interstate (Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart) and internationally to see clients

Bookings are essential!
0466 512 100
Call or SMS 24/7

First/last appointment commences at:
Mon - Fri: 8:00am and 9:00pm
Sat - Sun: 9:00am and 9:00pm
For emergency you can contact us 24/7

Payment Options:
MasterCard, Visa, PayPal,
Cash (preferred)

Our goal is to provide services at the highest standard and to make all of our clients happy and satisfied.

* Even though a close friend recommended you to me, I was quite nervous when I came to see you as I have not had a massage from a man before. After a few minutes of talking with you I started to feel at ease and I got more and more comfortable as time passed. Thank you so much for the best massage I ever had. I will most certainly recommend you to my friends. - J.R. Glen Waverley VIC

* This massage you just gave me was the best I have ever had. - D.E. Fitzroy Crossing WA

There are many more Testimonials here.

As we have a very limited number of opportunities each months to take on new clients, we will only accept bookings from females and couples for the time being!

Yes, we do have  single male clients, but for now we are not looking to add you to our client list. If this change we will reflect that here.

If you are a female or couple and wish to be one of our new clients please make sure your message reflects that!

Please note:
Our business focus is changing!  We treat more and more clients with stress related problems.

If you are a new client we will only provide STRESS RELIEF therapies at your first appointment! Once you are a client all of our other therapy options will be availabe for you on an as needed basis.

 Which one would be most appropriate for you, depends on the type of stress you have! Your stress may relates to financial matters, maybe job related, maybe family related, like kids, in-laws, partners,  maybe caused by lack of intimacy/sexual satisfaction. No matter what your stress relates to we have the right treatment for you.

In some cases we can provide stress relief in 1/2hour, However, in most cases we will need an hour or longer to provide you with relief. It just depends what sort of stresses are affecting you and how long you are trying to manage them.

Once we know what your stresses are and what stress relief treatment is most appropriate for you we can provide you with a cost we stand by.

If you are a female, please read about our many relaxation therapies including DETOX, Energy Healing, Aromatherapy bath and tantric treatments, etc.

If you are a couple, please look at our couples theray offerings as well as the same therapies we offer for female clients.

All of our other therapies will be available to existing clients ONLY on an as needed basis!

We have clients in Australia in all states except Northern Territory. We also have clients and regular visitors from the following countries: USA, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, UAE, India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Japan, Vietnam, China, South Korea.

We welcome people from all walks of life, including those with disabilities and those who practice alternative lifestyles.

However, we do not provide walk in services!

You must book an appointment to see us!
You can contact us day or night for an appointment!

We are about QUALITY rather than QUANTITY!

Attention to detail, hygiene and pleasing you are high on our priority list.

We would have thought the following was pretty normal and self explanatory..... but it seems we need to clarify this for some of you. So, if you are a new client/visitor here, please consider the following prior to calling us:

    Please unblock your Caller ID so we can return your call in case when we are busy with clients and cannot answer your call. If you still decide to call us with a blocked caller id, we will think you have resons to hide it from us!
Please leave a message with your first name clearly stated and the best time to return your call. Any additional info is useful and welcomed by us.
Please review the many therapy options we offer and select what you may think best fits your needs.
 If you are unsure what therapy to choose please be open and honest with us about your needs and circumstances so we can recommend the most suitable/best fit therapy for your specific needs.
 If we happen to be free and answer your call, please do not hang up on us. Yes, some people do! This is not only unnecessary but rude and indicates bad manners. After all you have a need and you are contacting us to help you. We are discreet and our confidentiality is guaranteed!
If you are looking to book a COUPLES therapy, PLEASE discuss with your partner what therapy you intend to book. Do not assume your partner will be happy to go forward with your choices. We often find that is not the case and we do not need the unpleasantness this results in!
Please check out our testimonials page. You will find client feedbacks from many clients.
 Ask as many questions as you need when we talk to you. We want your experience with us to be 100% satisfactory for you. 

If you are looking for an apppointment on the day you call us, we generally can offer a mobile appointment to see you. That is, we will come to you! However, if you would like to come to us, please read below:

While on rare occasions we have bookings available at our premises on the day you call, that is not the NORM! As we endeavour to provide the very best massage services you can find on the planet,
we are generally booked out well in advance and even the two daily EMERGENCY appointments we set aside get booked out quickly.

We appreciate that not being able to get a booking in the last minute is disappointing. So, to avoid disappointment, if and when possible, please phone in advance to make your booking.

Those of you who seek something more than just a normal massage:
We are here for you. If you have a lot of stress and/or tensions and have difficulty to release/let go, if you have yet to experience bliss, then it is time to book with us. Let us show you the way. We are not only qualified in many more therapies than most businesses/practitioners are, but we are happy to accommodate all requests...within reason of course. If your request for extras, additinal options is reasonable and not against the law, we are happy to listen to you and provide you with the services you seek.

Amrit (Sanskrit) or Amata (Pali) means immortality. The drink (often referred to as nectar of bliss or nectar of gods) that confers immortality upon Gods!
No, we are not Gods, but we can help you to retain a youthful image and slow down ageing. Come and visit us for an appointment to unite body, mind and soul. Let us show you the way to iner peace, tranquility and bliss. You will be glad you did.

Please click on the links (any of the underlined text) on the left side of this page to get detailed info on any of the SERVICES you are interested in to receive.

Please check out our Testimonials page and read what our clients say, then choose the services that bests suit your individual needs or ask us to custom tailor it for you.

Massage, aromatherapy, energy healing and sugaring
(the natural hair removal alternative especially for people with sensitive skin)
the home of massage

The place to visit for infinite source of positive energy, love and healing

Whether you are seeking help with an ailment, some form of stress relief or to indulge in total relaxation we are here for you.

Relaxation treatments:
Remedial treatments:

Couples therapies:

Aromatherapy treatments:

Sugaring treatments:

Energy healing treatments:

Benefits of Massage:
About Us:
Services and fees:
Tantric relaxation therapies:

Short appointments (30min):

Follow up appointments (20-45 min):
 as required by our clients
Triggered stress/tension release
(incl. use of massagers - Clt, Gsp, Mo, Sqrt)

(Swedish, hot stone, bamboo, Lomi Lomi)
(stress/tension relief, nurturing TLC/body appreciation, deep physical and mental relaxation)
(treatment involves all your chakras or concentrates on Root chakra only)
(therapeutic, deep tissue, anti-cellulite, DETOX/manual lymphatic drainage, body toning, Reproductive Organ Massage)

(Basic, Advanced and Ultimate treatment  including tantric)
(consulation and bathe for conditions  like: headaches, insomnia, stress, depression, digestive problems, women suffering from PMS, excessive bleeding, menstrual cramps)
(hair removal including full Brazilian)
For conditions like:
Relief from trauma, emotional / mental stress and anxiety
* Relaxation, increased vitality and energy
* Improved concentration and performance
* Increased motivation to achieve
* Dealing better with changes
* Recovering from loss of partner and/or relationship break-ups)

Massage exchange:
Job opportunities:
Complimentary treatments:
Massage classes and courses:
Mentoring and training:
Booking treatments:
* The art of Tantra
* Self breast massage
* Reconnection massage for couples
We seek to exchange with:
*qualified professionals
* massage students
* massage enthusiasts
*people who would like to learn

* For those who genuinely need, but can not afford to pay for treatment
Emergency appointments

We set aside two appointments every day for genuine emergencies.

See more info here.

Basic relaxation therapies:
Advanced relaxation therapies:
This is a genuine research into sexual function and dysfunction. The more people willing to talk to us the more info we can collect. Data collection will be done anonymously.
Our research is focusing on understanding what makes you highly sexual and if you have a dysfunction, whether the dysfunction is a result of a medical condition (inherited or as a result of some trauma), lack of understanding/incorrect technique, mental/physical block, whether age is a contributing factor.
We are looking for women for our research into sexual function and dysfunction (see below) in three age groups: below 30yo, 30-45yo and over 45yo.
The participants we seek: You are either very highly sexual (sex is never enough, i.e. a hotwife, a nymphomaniac), the opposite (you really do not enjoy sex/not miss it if you are not having any) or somewhere in between.
If you belong to either of the first two categories you will know it, no doubt. If you are somewhere in between, you will know that too. If you have a dysfunction, you may recognise yourself in one of the following:
        You have never conceived though wanted to/have difficulty to conceive,
        You can conceive, but miscarry when you do,
        You never had an orgasm of any kind,
        You never had a squirting orgasm,
        You can only reach orgasm in one specific way: i.e. only by clitoral stimulation/only via anal intercourse, etc,
        You can only reach orgasm in one position (i.e. doggy, cow girl, missionary, etc).
So, whether you are highly sexual, the opposite (no interest at all) or somewhere in between, we are interested to talk to you and we would love to have an informal chat/exchange emails with you.
If we believe you can help us further with our research studies we would ask you to join one of our research groups (see age groups above) for further involvement.
For the initial discussion people can contact us with minimal details about their personal identity (first name, age, email contact; the category you belong to (highly sexual, non-sexual, in between; any dysfunction you may have - as listed above) and as such you can remain anonymous to us. If we would like to talk to you further and ask you to provide more info or even participate, then we will reply to your email address and you will have the choice of declining participation or to participate and provide more personal info about yourself. Your personal details will remain confidential and only known by the person in contact with you as part of one of the relevant research groups.
If you are a male with a wife or girlfriend and you would like to nominate her that is ok too. Also, this may give an opportunity to those of you who would like his wife/girlfriend to open up/interested in experiencing and learning about sexual pleasures...of course, only if she participates in the program.

Client inquiries:
0466 512 100

When you call, please state your given name. It is much easier for us to communicate with you if we can address you by your name.

If you leave a voice message then please ensure that as a minimum, your name and contact number is easy to understand. It would be very helpful if you did not have your Caller Id blocked on your phone. Thank you.

If you send an SMS, please leave your full name, contact details, the type and duration of the services you require, the day and time you would like your appointment to be and anything else we should know. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

In general we respond to clients within a few hours after receiving an inquary. If you have not heard from us within 24 hours then there is a chance that we did not actually recieve your message. Please send us an SMS.

Massage, health, lifestyle, recreation - members only!
Discounts, special events, activities.
Please sms your details to Andrew if you are interested to join.
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